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PollDaddy Polls Unlimited Voting

The Poll Services add a cookie and some additional data to your computer which prevents you from doing more than the prescribed votes (usually 1). But if you clear these cookies along with some data, then you can do more votes.

How to do unlimited voting in Firefox

We first need to setup Firefox according to our circumstances. Here are the things to be done:

  1. Go to Tools>Options & click on the Privacy tab.

  2. Uncheck the last option, “Ask me before clearing my private data“.

  3. Selecting the Settings

  4. Click “Ok“, then “Apply” & click “Ok“.

Our Firefox is ready to help us do voting fastly…

Now just keep 2 shortcuts in mind:

  1. Ctrl + Shift + Del (Clears Private Data)

  2. Ctrl + R (Refreshes a page)

Now here are the steps to vote unlimited:

  1. Go to the poll’s page.

  2. Vote once.

  3. Clear Private Data using the shortcut.

  4. Refresh the page using the shortcut, then vote again.

  5. For voting continuously, keep on repeating the steps 3 & 4.

How to do unlimited voting in Google Chrome

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the poll’s page, do the vote.

  2. Click on the tools tab (top-right corner) & choose “Clear Browsing Data…“.

  3. Tick all the options & in the “period” select “Everything“. Click on “Clear Browsing Data“.

  4. Refresh the page & vote again.

  5. Repeat these steps to vote again.

This is just a lill trick enjoy :)  

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  1. this doesn't work, stupidfuck.

  2. this actually works but.. will they be able to know with my ip address if iv been cheating?

  3. Let's do it for Lady gaga since all little monsters should cheat and kill for Mother Monster!

    Born This Way! Born to Destroy! Born to Kill!

  4. Let's do it for Britney Spears.. Stop holding it against the Queen, bitches!!!!!

  5. Do you have a voting machine that can cast so many votes for a poll.. something like bot vote??

  6. and in facebokk

  7. Wow! Thanks! I've already bookmarked the site & saved a couple reports!

  8. does someone have an actual bot, need help voting montgomery high school on the "last school standing 2012", comment on here and i will message you

  9. do you want to get disqualified? ^

    i can screenshot this and report you.


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